wmatag/wmaattribute.cpp File Reference

#include <wmaattribute.h>
#include <wmafile.h>

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class  WMA::Attribute::AttributePrivate


 Attribute (const Attribute &attr)
 Attribute (const String &name, bool value)
 Attribute (const String &name, unsigned short value)
 Attribute (const String &name, unsigned long long value)
 Attribute (const String &name, unsigned int value)
 Attribute (const String &name, const ByteVector &value)
 Attribute (const String &name, const String &value)
 Attribute (WMA::File &file)
 Attribute ()
String name () const
bool parse (WMA::File &f)
ByteVector render () const
ByteVector toByteVector () const
int toInt () const
long long toLongLong () const
String toString () const
WMA::Attribute::AttributeTypes type () const
 ~Attribute ()

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